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Lash Lamination Silicone Pads Size M1


Reusable soft silicone pads for eyelash lamination procedure are developed for creating the eyelash curl.

The silicone pads are available in 5 different sizes to fit the eyelashes of any length and the eyes of any shape.

Material used: silicone.

Size: M1.

Package includes: 5 pairs (10 pcs.).


1. Fix the pads on the eyelids with the lash lamination fixing gel.

2. Spread out the eyelashes over the pads using a special applicator.

3. When the procedure is finished, remove the pads from the eyelids. Remove the excess of the fixing gel with a cotton bud, moistened with water.

NOTE! The pads are made of the soft silicone, so it is necessary to take into consideration the following information:

— minor mechanical damage of the pads is possible, as it does not influence on performing eyelash lamination procedure;

— they are multifunctional, so they need care: cleaning and disinfection;

— it is possible to cut edges of the pads in order to make their shape appropriate.

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