Anna Kravchenko attended «Beauty Eurasia» in Istanbul

Anna Kravchenko attended «Beauty Eurasia» in Istanbul

Jul 24, 2023

The «Beauty Eurasia» international exhibition, focusing on cosmetics, beauty products, and hair care, took place in Istanbul from June 15th to 17th. The ÉLAN team, led by the brand's founder Anna Kravchenko, participated in the event, showcasing their bestsellers and latest offerings. During an interview with a Turkish television channel, Anna enthusiastically shared her ambitious plans for the brand's development.

«Beauty Eurasia» attracts beauty industry specialists and garners over 250 exhibitors and thousands of visitors annually. The exhibition presents a valuable opportunity for brands to enter the Asian market, with a majority of exhibitors being manufacturers of professional cosmetics, accessories, equipment, and perfumes.

ÉLAN Booth

The ÉLAN booth traditionally allowed visitors to explore and purchase innovative products while receiving detailed consultations on their usage. Additionally, attendees had the chance to participate in a brand-sponsored gift giveaway.

Anna Kravchenko's Interview

During the exhibition, the Turkish channel Fuar Tv inquired about Anna's vision for ÉLAN's growth.

«At ÉLAN KIMYA, our factory, we are already working on creating hair care products. Moreover, we have plans to initiate the production of decorative cosmetics. As a practicing make-up & brow artist, I can personally attest to the current high demand for specific products».

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