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ELAN professional line
Professional brand, created by professional brow and make-up artists

First and only

ELAN is the first and exclusive brand for professional brow and make-up artists, which has been setting the «brow industry» trends since 2015. We offer only professional tools and materials and can guarantee with confidence the highest level of their quality.


The brand founders — the sisters Elena Kurchina and Anna Kravchenko — are beauty industry experts with more than 30 years of combined experience. They are the owners of the beauty salon chain «Ruki-Nozhnitsi», Beauty Salon Business Academy «Ruki-Nozhnitsi», the first Brow Bar in Ukraine as well as ELAN BROW BAR franchise.


This is an innovative solution of the brand ELAN professional line. The signature eyebrow tinting system SMART BROW TINTING SYSTEM includes:

  • long-lasting eyebrow tint DEEP BROW TINT;
  • Eyebrow Tint Color booster;
    professional water softening concentrate;
  • oxidizing emulsion 3%;
  • professional tonic Smart Skin COLOR REMOVER.


  • it contains no ammonia and ethanolamine;
  • due to its neutral hydrogen index (pH), the Deep Brow Tint does not danage the hairs and does not dry out the skin;
  • high color fastness due to the content of the patented component Heliogenol™ by Sederma (France that protects the color from fading, and the hairs from exposure to UV rays;
  • a wide color palette, each shade from which can be obtained by mixing the long-lasting eyebrow tint DEEP BROW TINT and Eyebrow Tint Color booster.

Effect: long-lasting skin tinting — up to 14 days, hairs — up to 30 days (depending on the skin type and hair structure).

The company clients are professional brow and make-up artists on all continents. They extensively use ELAN professional line products in their work and therefore achieve excellent results. ELAN has official representatives in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Greece, Kuwait and New Zealand.