DENSE WAX: Professional Face Hair Removal Wax (5 х 100 g)

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The professional film wax is designed for the effective removal of various types of unwanted facial hair, including coarse, medium thickness, and fluffy hairs. With a low melting temperature, the wax ensures comfort during the procedure and is gentle on the skin. The quick solidification of the wax significantly reduces the procedure time. The product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate skin.

Package contents:

– wax block: 5 x 100 g;
– instruction manual: 1 piece.


500 g

Full online course on facial hair removal with «DENSE WAX»:

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The wax's pliability ensures convenience when applied to contoured areas. It can be applied and removed without considering the direction of hair growth. If needed, the waxing area can be reprocessed with wax (2-3 times).

Expiration date: 30 months.


1) Preparation for unwanted hair removal procedure

1.1 Heat the wax up to a working temperature of 38-39°С.

NOTE! Non-compliance with the temperature regime can lead to irritation or skin damage.

1.2 Use PRE-WAX REFRESHING LOTION before wax correction for skin cleansing and degreasing. Wipe the necessary areas of the skin using a cotton pad, soaked in lotion, immediately before starting the unwanted hair removal procedure. Leave until it is completely dry.

1.3 If necessary, apply a small amount of talc to the skin in the area of depilation.

2) Wax application and unwanted hair removal

2.1 Apply an even layer of wax to the skin using a spatula, regardless of the direction of hair growth.

NOTE! During the application it is necessary to slightly pull the skin in the opposite direction to the spatula.

NOTE! For the convenience of tearing off the solidified wax, it is recommended to leave a small «petal» (that can be grabbed later) or fixate a working tool on the «petal».

2.2 After solidifying (in 8-10 seconds) with a sharp move, remove the wax, after pulling the skin in the opposite direction of the tearing off.

NOTE! Wax that is ready to be torn off should not be soft or be sticky to the hands when touched.

NOTE! The tearing off must be performed in the direction going away from yourself and parallel to the skin.

NOTE! After the wax has been torn off, there can appear slight redness on the skin, which is a normal skin reaction.

2.3 Repeat the procedure on the next area in cases where this is necessary.

3) After unwanted hair removal procedure skincare

3.1 Once the depilation is finished, use the regenerative serum after wax correction AFTER WAX REPAIR SERUM for skincare and redness reduction. Apply the serum to the skin and leave until fully absorbed.

3.2 Use AFTER WAX PROTECTION MASK to narrow the pores after the procedure of unwanted hair removal and UV-rays protection. Apply a thin layer of the cream-mask – using massage movements – to the skin and leave until fully absorbed.


Before and after the facial hair removal procedure, please follow these recommendations:

! Avoid touching the skin in the hair removal zone for at least 30 minutes after the procedure.

! Refrain from applying any decorative cosmetics to the treated area for 12 hours following the procedure, including tonal foundations, BB/CC creams, and concealer.

! Do not subject the treated skin to aggressive cosmetic products or procedures, such as scrubs, peels, or laser treatments, for 24 hours after the procedure.

! Minimize sun exposure and UV ray exposure for 24 hours before and after the procedure to protect your skin.


There are absolute restrictions for the procedure of removing unwanted hair, including:

! Individual sensitivity to the ingredients.

! Presence of any skin irritations in the designated area for hair removal.

! Couperosis (pronounced capillary mesh), moles, and warts in the area where hair removal is intended.

! Recent application of aggressive cosmetic products to the skin in the hair removal zone, such as brow lamination, bleaching, etc.