Lash Lift Silicone Eye Pads (reusable)

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Reusable silicone eye pads are perfect for lamimakers and lash makers. Their proper anatomical shape allows the ideal fixation under the lower lash line. These pads can be used for any eyelid, making them universal and convenient. With these pads, you can provide maximum comfort to your customers during lash lamination and lash extension procedures.

Amount 1

pair (2 pads)

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Material used Silicone

Color black

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Before performing the eyelash lamination or extension procedure, thoroughly cleansing the skin around the eye area is necessary. Use pads to isolate the lower lash line. This will help prevent the lashes from getting tangled during the procedure.

Before the eyelash tinting, it is necessary to fix the silicone pads on the lower eyelids. This will protect the skin around the eyes from contact with the dye.

After use, the silicone pads should be thoroughly rinsed with water, disinfected, and dried on a paper towel before being used again. This will help ensure hygiene and maintain the pads in good condition for the next procedure.