Y-shape lash lift brush

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The reusable plastic applicator is developed for the purpose of efficiently combing and fixing eyelashes on pads during eyelash lift and tinting procedures. This accessory features two functional surfaces:

· The specialized small teeth on one side assist the lamimaker in gripping the eyelashes from root to tip and precisely placing them on the pads.

· The smooth working surface on the other side of the applicator allows for securely fixing the eyelashes onto the pads, thus preventing any potential detachment during the beauty procedure.

Colour transparent

Material used Plastic

Amount 5 pcs.

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During the process of eyelash lift and/or tinting procedures, use the applicator to securely fix the eyelashes onto the pad. Afterward, rinse the accessory with water, disinfect it, and allow it to dry using a paper towel.