Lash Lift Silicone Pads TOTAL LIFT

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Silicone pads help create a perfect soft classic С-curve with a CURL EFFECT.

Soft silicone pads ensure an optimal fit, while the anatomically correct shape guarantees the formation of a perfect curl without any undesired creases.

They have an individual anatomical shape, allowing the pads to be applied to the eyelid without glue.

The wide range of sizes allows for selecting the perfect curl for any eyelid and eye shape.

Made in

Color orange

Material used silicone

Amount 5 pairs (10 pcs.)

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1. Fix the pads on the eyelids with the lash lamination fixing gel.

2. Spread out the eyelashes over the pads using a special applicator.

3. When the procedure is finished, remove the pads from the eyelids. Remove the excess of the fixing gel with a cotton bud, moistened with water.


— silicone pads are for multiple uses, so they need to be cleaned and disinfected before/after the eyelash lamination procedure.

— minor mechanical damage of the pads is possible, as pads are made of soft silicone.