The First Brow Book «ELAN BROW BOOK» in Ukrainian (digital version)

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The first brow book «ÉLAN BROW BOOK» is available in the Ukrainian language and contains 252 pages of valuable information for those who want to learn a new profession or enhance their skills as a brow artist.

The book brings together the extensive experience of trainers from the «Ruki-Nozhitsi Salon Business Career Academy» and provides detailed explanations of instructions for various beauty procedures, along with exclusive illustrations specially created by the ÉLAN brand team for this book.

You can read the first brow book in electronic format as the digital version is available on your favourite device.

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The first brow book «ÉLAN BROW BOOK» is an essential resource for any brow artist, providing answers to questions that may arise during their work. This first book from the ÉLAN team includes:

– Illustrated schemes that aid in creating the perfect eyebrow shape.

– Step-by-step instructions for performing beauty procedures.

– Recommendations from experienced brow artists.

– Insights into ÉLAN's unique techniques used during beauty procedures.

– Methods for correcting different types of eyebrow asymmetry.

If you encounter any questions while working as a brow artist, you can always find the answers in the «ÉLAN BROW BOOK».